Plans For Hen House?

Wanted: Plans for Hen House!

I decided to start Plans for Hen house after I spent about 3 weeks looking for information on how to build a chicken coop. It wasn’t something I’d ever even considered before, I’m not really much of an animal guy, especially not farm animals!

But, one day my wife mentioned that one of her friends had bought some baby chicks and her friend ‘s husband was building a coop for them and “You could build a coop, couldn’t you, honey?”. “The kids would just love it and what a great experience for them”. And there you have it, I now found myself searching for plans on building a hen house.

Plans For Hen house
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Free Plans for Hen house…

So, I started searching around on the internet and found quite a bit of information. (Actually, I was pretty surprised at just how popular keeping chickens in your backyard was becoming.) And I found quite a few sites that acted like they had some free plans but when I went to check them out they were pretty lame overall. I found a few sites that charged money for chicken coop plans but I blew them off pretty fast, After all, I thought I knew a little about building (I’ve had a woodworking hobby for many years and I’m a tool collector from way back) and it’s only

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a chicken coop, right? I’d find a free plan and modify it to fit my needs!

I did find a free plan, well actually I had to pay a small amount to be able to download it and print it out and it wasn’t a bad plan actually. I learned a lot from it. But there were a few things I didn’t really like, I wanted to make it bigger, I wanted to add a couple windows etc. And so I sat down at my computer and I learned how to use Google sketchup and I started drawing my own plans. And I drew, and I erased, and I drew and I erased and finally I pretty much had a plan in mind and most of it on paper! Plans for hen house? More like plans for a trip to the funny farm! LOL This was turning out to be harder than I thought.

Putting my plans for hen house Building into action

Next I took my plan and sat down and made a list of everything I needed to go to the hardware store for! I wanted to do this all in one trip – Yeah right! What a joke, I think I made about 5 to 6 trips before I got it completely finished! And finally I started building, after about an hour and a half I had leveled the ground, laid out the cinder blocks, laid out and leveled some 4 x 4′s for a foundation for the floor and nailed down the floor. Then I started adding some of the upright posts and after seeing how flimsy they looked I started making changes to my plan. The changes involved having to tear down the posts, pull up the flooring and

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add more bracing for the floor. Big setback, cost me a lot of time and had to go purchase more lumber! Pretty much this was how it went for two straight weekends with me making adjustments to my plans for hen house building on the fly. I guess draftsman and engineer are not in my job description after all! LOL

Finally, it was finished and I have to pat myself on the back, I think it came out pretty good. But looking back I think I really spent a lot of time modifying things that I might have saved if I had been using a plan that was put together by somebody that knew what they were doing. I most definitely would have save some trips to the store and probably I would have save some money also. Live Learn!

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